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19 Apr 2019

Recycling of used textiles

Vignette illustrant le service de recyclage des textiles usag├ęs.

100% secure collection

From collection to recovery, used textiles follow an integrated, completely secure circuit.


The plus points of our service

We provide you with a 100% clean recycling service: no land fill or, which prevents potentially toxic smoke being released.


Total recycling & recovery

Used textiles (except for fireproof fabrics) are crushed and mixed with other materials to transform them into solid granules (also called pellets) with a high calorific value: CSR HPC. These pellets are then used by cement plants as fuel for their kilns.


Transparency and traceability

  • To ensure the best possible transportation, a CERFA 14133*01 tracking form is used.
  • A recovery certificate is issued to certify treatment of 100% recovered waste.


Recycling partner

Vanheede Environment Group is an independent Belgian family group specialising in waste recovery.