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Photographie d'un uniforme de prestige illustrant l'expertise du Groupe Marck.

Prestigious uniforms


The uniform’s prestige

Clothes for important, prestigious ceremonies are the quintessence of image clothing.

Full of meaning and history, they are the emblem and costume of a State institution, a Grande École (specialist university) or a prestigious company. They reinforce the feeling of pride in those who wear them and help to convey a unique image.

As a supplier of prestigious uniforms to major institutions in France and worldwide since 1850, Groupe Marck has expanded its business to serve Grandes Écoles and private companies, to represent their image and prestige.

Macaron Groupe Marck : Savoir-faire français.

The plus points

  • Support in need of analysis

  • Extranet site for ordering

  • Taking of individual measurements

  • First-off completion

Photographie d'un défilé de cérémonie représentant la marque Balsan.

Balsan, prestige uniforms and workwear

As supplier to the French army since 1850 and inventor of the “light blue” cloth in 1914, Balsan is a French clothing manufacturer. From its three production plants (Déols, Calais, Sainte Pazanne), it designs and manufactures image clothing and uniforms in accordance with its customers’ requirements.

Through its site based in Taninges, Balsan develops personal protection clothing equipment (PPE) and safety clothing. The company has developed its expertise in technical textiles and combining flexible materials.

The offer is complemented with a wide range of associated services, right up to the complete outsourcing of clothing services.


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Photographie de soldats étrangers en uniforme illustrant la marque Marck.

Marck, clothing for international defence and security forces

Since 1850, Marck has exported its expertise in uniforms and equipment to defence and security forces worldwide.

From style design to after-sales service, including prototyping, manufacturing and shipment control, Marck assists its customers in the complete management of their clothing and accessories.

Since then, Groupe Marck has also developed its product and service offers aimed at large private accounts for export (construction, security, energy, etc.).

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