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Photographie d'un bateau pneumatique illustrant l'expertise du Groupe Marck.

Inflatable boats


A boat for each mission

Another of Groupe Marck’s fields of expertise is shipbuilding, particularly in the design and manufacturing of foldable or semi-rigid inflatable boats and structures via the Sillinger* shipyard. Performance, reliability, quality and design of its products make Sillinger* one of the world’s leading players in its field.

Designed and manufactured in France since 1960, Sillinger boats meet the individual needs of the most demanding professionals, institutions and armed forces.

Equipped with manually assembled CSM-Neoprene floats, Sillinger* boats provide buoyancy and durability under the most extreme operating conditions.

* Groupe Marck holds 30% of the Sillinger capital

Macaron Groupe Marck : Savoir-faire français.

The plus points

  • Design and development of technical, innovative products

  • Through-life support department

  • Training in piloting and navigation

  • ISO certification 9001-2008

Photographie d'une structure pneumatique en mer illustrant la marque Sillinger.


Sillinger est un chantier mondialement reconnu pour les performances, la fiabilité et la qualité de ses embarcations en CSM-Neoprène. Depuis 1962, l’entreprise équipe, à travers le monde, les forces armées, les Commandos Marine, les garde-côtes, les pompiers, etc. ainsi que les clients privés les plus exigeants.


Our business sectors

Quality professions, unique know-how, custom-made apprenticeships, etc.