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11 Mar 2019

Work-study training: career accelerator

Interview with Nicolas Ricou, currently in a work-study contract within Groupe Marck.

Alternance et contrat de professionnalisation

One week of classes at the Faculté Libre de Droit d’Issy-les-Moulineaux (92) followed by two weeks working at Groupe Marck: that is the study-work training schedule for Nicolas Ricou, 23, who has been pursuing this format with determination and fulfilment since September 2017 with the aim of obtaining a Master’s degree in Social Law and Human Resources Management at the end of the year.


His professionalisation contract began 18 months ago in the Human Resources department of Groupe Marck. At that time he received training from an employee who would soon retire.


“As she had been with the Group for 16 years, her presence and complete understanding of the work environment were an enormous help for me as I started out in the company. She enabled me to become acquainted with my entourage, the employees, the issues of the Group and to learn all about the processes.”


Now a Human Resources Assistant, Nicolas enjoys a degree of autonomy and assumes responsibilities.


“Compared to many of my fellow students, I realise that I am extremely lucky to be able to carry out recruitment operations with complete autonomy, although this is obviously done in close collaboration with my managers. One of the most rewarding things regarding the recognition of my work is that most of the Group employees with whom I work or meet every day forget that I am a study-work trainee…”


In addition to a totally satisfactory activity, Groupe Marck values are fully compatible with Nicolas’ own values. This is also the case regarding human resources in terms of its philosophy.


“The doors of the HR department are always open to all employees. The values of equality and equity are not empty standard bearers: the company is attentive to all its employees, regardless of their job, position or place of work. This recognition is omnipresent.”


What are his future projects, desires, ambitions?


“I am very attached to Groupe Marck. I have visited all the production sites in France and I am very proud of our activity. When I’m out with friends I always speak with passion about my job and my company. It is a large Group with values that I uphold, a Group where I have acquired many skills and where I would like to continue my career.”