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17 Oct 2018

Promote our professions in all their diversity

On Wednesday 17 October 2018, Groupe Marck will be present at the “Salon de l’emploi et des métiers” in Gennevilliers, the town in which its head office is located. “This tangible commitment to this type of initiative to promote employment and job discovery is essential to us”, explained Valérie Roches, Head of Groupe Marck’s Human Resources. “This allows us both to be a locally anchored player in our employment area, by meeting applicants from our region, and to present our job vacancies in order to identify our future employees and thus meet our recruitment objectives. ”


7 job vacancies will be presented at this exhibition in Gennevilliers:

  • 2 sales assistants Sales Admin (PC)
  • 1 buyer (PC)
  • 1 accountant (FTC)
  • 1 bilingual junior buyer (FTC)
  • 1 electrician – Technical support expert (PC)
  • 1 Management Assistant (PC)


This 15 edition of the “Job and career exhibition” will fulfil two main objectives:

  1. To enable people in Gennevilliers to “directly” find out about the companies in the region, their professions and the pre-requisites for being hired for these jobs;
  2. To offer Groupe Marck the opportunity to recruit skills in the geographical proximity and to make its professions known in all their diversity.


“Groupe Marck’s presence at the exhibition is an essential step in the journey of people seeking employment”, stressed Franck Milsonneau, responsible for corporate partnerships within the Genevilliers municipality’s Integration and Employment initiative.